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We strive to understand our clients' needs. We go the extra mile to meet you where you are. We don't expect you to change your system, we work within it to improve the entire system.

See below for an overview of our services. Don't see your specific needs - reach out and if we can't help you - maybe we know someone who can!

Our Services


  • AOC indigent claim entry and fund advancement
  • Remote legal billing
  • Trust Auditing

Medical Record Retrieval

  • Improving of record retrieval process
  • Requesting of records, follow up procedures, and data entry as needed

Process and Technology Consulting

  • Practice management software implementation and training
  • Apps/programs you never knew you needed
  • Efficiency audit and refinement

Did I mention we’re smart and nerdy about this stuff? Hire us and we’ll work with you to find ways for you to work less and make more money.

RayNa's favorites


Clio is my pick for practice management/billing software for many firms as it provides a ton of integrations and customization, without an overwhelming learning curve. The integrations create an efficient way to run your business without spending too much time or money. Use the Referral code RAYNA to become assigned to us as your Clio Certified Pro Consultant. We will work with you to get you the best discounts and set up as efficiently as possible.


We have first-hand knowledge of how simple, mundane tasks of the everyday can eat away at your productivity. Mailing, especially multiple mailings and certified mail take valuable time and resources. CaseMail is an ingenious way to turn the mailing of documents into a simple process you can complete right from your computer. CaseMail does for physical mailing what e-fax options did for physical faxing. Try them out and tell them you heard it here!


What is Chrometa? It is a necessary tool for anyone looking to find that "lost" time. Chrometa tracks time behind the scenes while you continue working. It logs the actual time you spend in various applications (no more guessing). Download it to your smartphone and get your phone calls and text messages logged as well! Simply assign those entries to a client/matter a few minutes each day and sync weekly with your billing programs! Integrate with existing billing and accounting options and save tons of data entry time. Use our affiliate code “rayna” or simply click here.


RocketMatter is a cloud-based practice management and billing program with a strong focus on billing. RocketMatter’s well thought out billing options are some of the best in the industry. It brings some real world solutions to retainers, billing and even credit card options that make billing and collecting money more efficient. Our current favorite option is payment plan drafts by credit card as an automatic process. Click here for a free trial.


Outlook and MacMail users with Clio find saving emails to Clio clunky and time consuming. ClicktoFile is the simplest way we have found to get your client emails saved from Outlook or Mac Mail with one simple click. Try a free trial here.


Everyone tells you that social media is a must as a marketing tool no matter what type of business you have. But really - who has the time to post, tweet, update and share every day? HootSuite is the who and the how! Post to all your social media sites at the same time. Schedule your posts for the most effective times. And do it in a few minutes a day - not hours. Free trial means no more excuses.


Xero is one of the simplest, easiest accounting programs we have ever used. It has some great integration to save time and money and best of all – it has payroll built in! If you are tired of accounting programs that aren’t made for the average small business user, then Xero is worth your time! Free trial means no risk.

These are our fav's because they make us better, faster and save us money. We offer lots of services to go along with these items, including potential discounts. Let us help you through the process so you can be better, faster and spend less too.

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