Hey there! Glad you stopped by. Now down to business. We are a team of legal professionals who spend time finding real tools, technology and tips to ease the burden of working in the legal field. Feel free to spend time perusing our website. But if you are crunched for time – just do this. Sign up for our newsletter – we promise to provide free, useful information somewhat regularly (because we are real people too who don’t just send out newsletters). Then hit the #AskRayNa button and tell us what your problem is. We will do our best to help you find a solution. Still wanting more? See our list of 10 common questions and answers below:

  1. Do I really have to accept credit cards? Only if you like getting paid faster and more often. When was the last time you paid your bills with cash or check?
  2. Why do I have to have practice management/billing software? See response to No. 1 – your time is what is spent when you don’t spend money on good software. A penny saved that costs you an hour of time is a net loss of $149.99.
  3. Where do I find good staff? Right here. Outsource portions of the work, while you hire and train staff. Once you are ready, look to local paralegal/law school programs and be prepared to advertise online.
  4. How do I keep good staff? Don’t ask them to run your entire firm – which they are not trained, experienced or prepared to do. Provide proper training regularly on existing systems/programs and perform regular reviews/raises. Burn out is the number reason staff leave for new positions.
  5. What’s wrong with my old software/current system? Probably the same thing that was wrong with your old phone, old car, old computer, etc. You outgrew it, it started breaking down or glitching and you need the latest technology to compete in today’s market with today’s clients.
  6. How can I be more paperless? You can be more paperless – you probably won’t be more paperless. Going paperless requires investments of money and time into proper programs and procedures. But, if you are serious about paperless, call us.
  7. How can I track all of my time? You can’t. You can develop a system you will stick to that lets you capture more of your time. Try using the right app (we love Chrometa or CaptureIt) or take advantage of practice management mobile apps like Clio and RocketMatter. Also, consider keeping a “just in case” notebook in your car, briefcase, etc. to write down all those moments your app/system doesn’t work.
  8. How do I get paid on appointed cases? To get paid quickly, call RayNa. To get paid in 6-8 weeks, first actually enter the time as soon as the claim is ready, submit it to the AOC and don’t make typo/errors that get it kicked back to you.
  9. What do you use? Everything. Our favorite practice management system at this moment is Clio, with RocketMatter coming in close 2nd. Our favorite time tracking app is Chrometa, our favorite accounting system is Xero and our favorite time saving app is CaseMail. Our favorite product we don’t use but love for our clients is JEugene. Call us for discounts/trials.
  10. Why can’t my staff do my billing? The same reason I can’t file your company taxes. I might understand the premise, but I lack the knowledge, education and training to do it properly. Staff can enter data in whatever system you tell them to – understanding how to bill effectively, efficiently and consistently without committing errors is what we do.